What Our Clients Say



Kristin L. and Mike W.

Heidi has a great system of professional connections for all our home needs. You trust everyone that she recommends to you. Our relationship with Heidi will continue for a long time.

Craig and Karen E.

Heidi helped us break the process up into manageable pieces and encouraged us each step of the way. It wasn’t one big giant leap. It was every day taking little steps.

Kathy and Terry T.

Relocating from Kansas City, Kathy and Terry valued Heidi’s experience and advice on housing in their new city. “Here we are, one year later. It’s home, and we love it.”

Nate and Stacey L.

Heidi helped Nate and Stacey stay relaxed and enjoy the process. Heidi’s description of the home as a “storybook house” made Stacey’s love for the house more exciting.

Brian and Leslie A.

Heidi helped balance Brian’s transactional approach to buying a new house with Leslie’s desire to fall in love with a home.

Mike and Kristi M.

See why Kristi refers to Heidi as her “mini-therapist” and why her connections made a big difference to Mike. You do not want to miss McKenna as the star of the show!

Sheryl D.

Heidi helped Sheryl and Justin find their forever home, one with lots of space, a great yard, and some home improvement projects so they could “put their stamp on it.”

Don S.

Don, a self-described control freak, appreciated Heidi’s communication style and quick-moving process: “we listed our home, sold it, and moved into our new home in less than three months!”

Jeff P.

Heidi helped Jeff and Kate find a beautiful lot to build their dream home on, one with a home on it that they could get rental income from until they were ready to build.

Kate B.

Kate shares her story: “life has taken us through a couple of different turns. Through each of those, Heidi helped us find the right place to land and the perfect location for our family.”