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Housing News Last month’s housing News gave you lots of great advice about how to sell your home quickly and for the best price. This month, let’s focus on buying a new home. Looking for a new home is an exciting time. You spend time driving around neighborhoods, checking out homes for sale online and ...

Housing News

Last month’s housing News gave you lots of great advice about how to sell your home quickly and for the best price. This month, let’s focus on buying a new home. Looking for a new home is an exciting time. You spend time driving around neighborhoods, checking out homes for sale online and talking about dream homes. Transitioning from simply thinking about a move to getting serious about buying is a big step.

Fears begin to surface and take the fun out of the search. Will we find the right home? What are the area schools like? Will we be close enough to where we work? What are the neighbors like? Is there space for my home office? Is the yard big enough for a play set for the kids? How much work, time and money will we have to invest in the home?

And for most potential home owners, the biggest concern, of course, centers around money. Will we get a good deal on the house? Could we have negotiated a lower price? Did we overpay? Will this be a good investment?

The best way to feel confident that your new home will meet all your needs both now and down the road and that you got a great deal on your house is to work with a professional real estate agent. Be sure you choose an expert who is a member of the National Association of Expert AdvisorsTM. These experts use different methods than traditional real estate agents, proven methods that help you achieve all your goals.

  • If you limit yourself to the houses you see online and while driving around your favorite neighborhoods, you’ll be missing dozens of houses, including better houses at better prices.
  • The nicest homes with the best deals always sell quickly, regardless of the state of the housing market. You are always in a race with smart home buyers who are prepared. And, as you know if you have been keeping up with the Mittelstaedt Team Insights and blog posts, homes have been selling fast this spring. To get ahead of the race, work with an expert who knows the market.
  • There is a house out there that uniquely fits you and your life. Your Certified Home Buying Advisor will help you find it first.
  • An expert will help you avoid costly mistakes in the tens of thousands of dollars, in closing fees, repairs, overpaying for the house and other expenses.
  • Our system is designed to predict problems that stand in the way of you finding and buying your perfect home.
  • The Certified Home Buying Advisor is working for you. The agent whose number is on the listing or the sale sign is working for the seller. He or she is paid to sell the property, not find the best home for the best price for you.
  • We are trained to evauate your timing and motivations and prepared to stop you from buying out of pure emotion. We help you evaluate your purchase as a longterm investment. We match you to the most number of available homes that meet your needs. Our training gets you the best price even against other bidders.

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Certified Home Buying Advisors use the 7 Principles of the Expert Buying SystemTM to ensure that you get the home of your dreams at the best price possible.

  1. Expert advice.
    • Smart Home Buyer Strategy – creating a customized plan based on your motivations, timing, needs and wants.
    • Real Estate as an Investment – focusing on equity rather than emotion and evaluating various mortgage and hold options.
    • Market Intelligence – applying knowledge about economic indicators, trends analysis, interest rates, real estate cycles and loan programs and qualifications.
  2. Future homeowner responsibility. We will ensure that you are aware of all the responsibilities that you would take on with a particular property before you make a commitment. We will cover home maintenance, home warranty, home inspection and lifestyle and quality of life choices.
  3. The home equity swing. This system ensures that you do not overpay for your home or your loan. You will understand how to accelerate your equity and build your wealth with your home purchase.
  4. Finding the ideal home at the right price. Your expert will have up-to-date, comprehensive information about the houses in your area. For example, Heidi has her eyes on all the hidden goldmines. With over 20 years of experience, her profiles of lifestyles and neighborhoods are detailed and comprehensive.
  5. The negotiation and offer strategy. Be sure your agent is certified in the art of negotiation. Seller concessions, like home warranty and inspection repair, are all part of the strategy. Using a Certified Home Buying Advisor ensures that you come from a position of strength with pre-approval and walk-away leverage.
  6. Closing the sale. Get the most out of your transaction with buyer concessions including contract acceptance, repair negotiations and your move-in timing.
  7. Lifetime vendor relationships. With the right real estate expert, you will walk away with vendor relationships for all your homeownership needs. For example, as you’ve seen with our Home Value Coaching posts, The Mittelstaedt Team has been developing relationships with vendors for over 20 years. We know the best in every industry, and we will make sure you do, too.


We hope these tips will help you relax and enjoy the home-buying process, feeling worry-free and confident about your choices. With the right expert, not only will you find the best home for you, but you will also be confident that you bought it at the best price. If you have a home to sell, too, be sure to read last month’s blog posts about getting the best price for your house with the timing you need.

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