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Housing News For the last few months, we have been reporting news about the incredible growth projected for the housing market for 2016. We have been encouraging sellers to list their homes rather than waiting for spring. Now spring is upon us, and the housing market is in full swing. If you have been considering ...

Housing News

For the last few months, we have been reporting news about the incredible growth projected for the housing market for 2016. We have been encouraging sellers to list their homes rather than waiting for spring. Now spring is upon us, and the housing market is in full swing. If you have been considering listing but have not yet taken that first step, today is the day to move forward.

Selling your home can be an overwhelming process. At first, typically you are filled with excitement at the idea of a move, a change. Then you start looking on websites to compare your home to other houses to get a feel for what your home might be worth. Then the intense conversations with your partner begin. What do we have to do to get our home ready to sell? How can we prevent owning two homes at once if we buy a new home before our house sells? How do we avoid needing to have a rental home or moving in with family if we sell our home before we find a new one? How will we manage our work schedules, kids and pets when we’re showing our home? And the biggest worry for most sellers: how can we be sure we get the best price for our home? For most sellers, balancing the desire to sell their home quickly with getting the best price for their home becomes a considerable concern.

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Sellers who prepare themselves with the right information and the right professionals can sell with confidence, knowing they got the best price for their home and not being inconvenienced by the interruption in their daily lives with a long selling process. Be sure you choose a professional who:

  • Understands pricing trend analysis and does not rely on simple area comps. Avoid the quicksand of a too-high initial listing price to ensure that you lead the market instead of chasing it.
  • Uses a target marketing approach. Marketing must be customized to the buyer most likely to be interested in your home to increase the likelihood that showings convert to offers. Are you targeting first-time buyers? Young families? Empty-nesters?
  • Is a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) to ensure that you retain leverage throughout the process.
  • Is an experienced agent and knows your area.
  • Uses progressive, proactive techniques new to the real estate industry.

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Choosing a real estate agent who approaches the home sale with traditional methods will leave you with the typical home selling experience filled with worry and daily interruptions and inconvenience.
A Certified Home Selling AdvisorTM uses a system that gives you confidence and gets your house sold quickly. The National Association of Expert AdvisorsTM founders are top real estate agents who have conducted market research to create a proven, repeatable system based on 115 variables spread across seven key principles that affect home sales.

  • Unlike the CMA used by traditional real estate agents, the Market Absorption Analysis considers the 115 variables essential to the success of selling a home with the Expert Home Advisor Selling System.
  • Using the MAA rather than the CMA helps you avoid pricing your home too high. An overpriced home increases time on the market and creates an image of the home being undesirable.
  • The CMA, the standard pricing system for the industry, uses historical data from the past 6 months to determine pricing. But that historical data does not consider many factors around the state of the homes included in that data. For example, your home could be being compared to homes that have overgrown lawns, were messy for showings, had undesirable neighbors, were owned by sellers highly motivated for a quick sale, or many other factors.

An agent who uses the 7 principles of the Expert Home Selling System® can help you get the best price for your home in the quickest amount of time. Here’s how:

  • Expert consultation. By taking the time to understand your goals and what you’re willing to invest in the home sale process, you’ll get the best suggestions and the highest impact on your bottom line.
  • Law of differentiation. Certain repairs and upgrades like a professionally staged home can yield 10-1 returns in price. Research also shows that having your home pre-inspected can drive down your out-of-pocket expenses and save you 2-4% in the negotiation process.
  • Law of exposure. Get the most reach and exposure to qualified buyers with emotion-driven copy, professional photography, and detailed tracking and reporting.
  • Law of cooperation. Nearly 71% of homes are sold by a cooperating agent and not the listing agent. Find an agent who ensures that your home is in front of every buyer, not just the ones working with your agent.
  • Law of buyer attraction. Most buyers are already working with other real estate agents, and it can be difficult to capture and hold their attention. The Expert Home Selling System involves cutting edge systems to continually communicate with potential buyers, allowing real-time responses to inquiries about your home as compared to the industry-average 16-hour response time.
  • Law of negotiation. Negotiation takes finesse and skill. The Expert Home Selling System means you are negotiating from a position of strength and keeps the negotiating power on your side throughout the process.
  • Law of execution. Prevent problems by having a team of experts on your side.

A wise home seller gets the best price for their home in the least amount of time.

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As you’ve been reading the past few months, this a great time to get your house on the market. We hope these tips will help you relax and enjoy the home-selling process instead of being filled with dread about a long home selling process and worry over getting the best price. For more tips on selling your home, see our Spring Home Seller’s Guide. And when you’re ready to consider buying, take a look at our Home Buyer’s Guide. And check-in next month for more tips on buying a home.

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